Specto Check-Up

Specto Ball Performance Check

See how your arsenal measures up – do you have the right tool for the job?

Test 1 - We dress the lane with a medium pattern and you get lined up to hit the pocket with your reader/bench mark ball.

Test 2 - Find a stronger ball. This ball should hook earlier and go left of the head pin (RH) or go right of the head pin (LH).

Test 3 - Find a dry lane or light oil ball. This ball should miss pocket to the right (RH) or miss pocket left (LH).

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Specto Ranking Check

See how your physical game measures up - what are your strengths?

Bowling is about repetition, Do you repeat your shots.

Do you make the perfect shot every time?

Maybe Not,

Can you make a good enough shot every time?

100% Yes.

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