Whether you are just starting out or looking to take your game to the next level , here at Ballmaster we have found that the best way to go is with a short term coaching plan.

It allows you to dip your toe in the water and get you on the right track with just enough commitment time to get long term results.

The bonus is that they all come with a free bowling ball to match your current skill set!

Choose from our 3 plans:

Don’t be put off by the graphics though!

All our plans are 6 sessions of approx. 1 hour lane time – usually more- they can also be made into longer 2 hour sessions for those who are travelling and are open to everyone.

Plan A - Entry Level

this does exactly what it says on the tin

6 sessions to get you started with the essentials of bowling whatever style you wish to use

One handed, 2 handed or Hybrid style, we can help you decide.

Plan B - Regular/League Player

If you have bowled regularly socially or in a league and want to beat your family and friends and the opposition in your league, this is the plan for you!

We assess your current style and may make a few tweaks here and there, although most of the sessions will focus on spare shooting and developing your strike shot.

Plan C - Tournament Player

If you play regularly in leagues and tournaments but want greater success in tournaments, this is the one for you.

You will be pretty consistent already with your approach and delivery ( we will prove it to you by using our SPECTO analysis system!) you now need to spend more time on your strategy on how to play the lanes and with the right ball while at the same time using the vital information that watching the other players on your lane is giving you!