Online Drilling Service

Can't find the time to visit us? Introducing our 5 star customer care, over the internet!

See below for more details.

                                                                  Thinking of buying a bowling ball from us but can’t find the time for a visit?

Now you can! With our new online drilling service you still get our 5 star customer care, only it’s over the internet! Just send us a ball with your favourite drilling and we will use it as the template to copy it exactly on to your new ball.

Then simply book a time slot with Andy for an online chat. He will discuss all the crucial details such as accurate span measurements finger and thumb pitches, finger insert type, thumb insert type and shape, interchangeable thumb insert system and most importantly your current current PAP. It will all be stored safely and securely on file using the SPECTRE PRO SHOP program.


We will also take a video of style from 3 different angles for future assessment and possible coaching tips and plans which are also available online!

Still prefer a face to face service? So do we! We will pay your fuel costs for the first visit* and go through the same step by step process as above, leaving you free to just go online and order your next ball.

We are not trying to sell a cheap online deal. We are solving the biggest problem most of us have, which is finding time to do all the things we want to do.

Now you can go shopping for bowling balls at any time of day or night safe in the knowledge that you will receive exactly what you want or your money back!

                                                                                              HOW DOES IT WORK? IN 3 EASY STEPS!


  1. Purchase a ball from our online shop and simply send us a ball with the most comforable feel. We will use this as the template and copy it exactly. We will pay the postage for your template ball to be sent to us. No other pro shop does this!
  2. Andy will have an in-depth chat to discuss what you are looking for in your new ball. Andy will then drill your new ball. You'll be in safe hands as Andy has 39 years experience in the pro shop business and has drilled balls for

    National European and World Champions.

  3. Both balls are couriered back to you and once again we pay the costs. That's it! Now your can enjoy your new ball, without ever having to come into the shop.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get my drilling?

By sending us a ball with a drilling you're happy with. Along with an in-depth chat, we will use this as a template to drill your new ball.

How do I send my ball to you?

It's as easy as dropping it off at a local shop that offers a shipping service such as DPD. 

I don't have a box, what do I do?

If you don't have a box handy, we will send you one!

How much does it cost

As an introductory offer, we pay for all shipping costs, including the cost of you sending your template ball to us and the new ball sent to you.

The online drilling service starts at £25.

I use a unique layout/inserts/pitches etc. Can you still help me?

The short answer is, yes! We are happy to copy your existing drilling if that's what works for you. “If it ain't broke, don't fix it.”

We also offer more insert types than any other pro shop and with Andy's vast experience, he's pretty much seen it all. So chances are, however complex your requirements may be, he will be able to help. 

How do I receive my new ball?

Once your ball has been drilled, we will send both the new ball and the one you sent us, back to you. We cover the shipping costs.